Are Bangs Right For You?


Have you noticed more and more celebs are wearing bangs these days? For some it definitely adds to their already youthful looking appearance but others are wearing them because believe it or not, bangs can make a statement.

When deciding whether to wear bangs or not, it is always important to take into account the shape of your face. if your face is long an oval, a straight, blunt cut works. If your face is round, square, or heart-shaped, it is recommended that the sides of the bangs be tapered to frame the face, resulting in a more flattering appearance.

The fun thing about having bangs is that there are multiple options in how they can be worn and styled. If you can find a style that matches your personality that’s even better. Some of the 2019 trends include choosing from extra short bangs to the long choppy ones.

If you are looking for elegant styled bangs or that professional look and your hair is long, medium, or short, go for a side swept bang look or longer bangs to hide your eyebrows. If your bangs are curling up on you and you want them to stay longer looking, mini flat irons are the way to go. You just simply straighten them as you would the rest of your hair with a flat iron but what is so great about a mini flat iron is that you can get close to your scalp and straighten this smaller section of hair without the concern of burning your forehead or face. The other cool thing about having longer bangs is that they can be changed up with almost any style haircut. So, whether it be for the office or formal affair, or to wanting to fulfill that wild and crazy party personality, all you have to do is use some hair care products that will pump up the volume and/or add extra texture to your hair.short-bangs-medium-hair

What about layering your bangs? Some of the new looks for 2019 are the choppy asymmetrical edgy hairstyles so why not add that look to the bangs as well? If you have a large forehead you can get away with that uneven eyebrow sweeping bang cut.

Lastly, if you have a small forehead you can definitely get away with the more extreme bang cuts. These include anything from straight shaped to the asymmetrical choppy layered bangs with extreme edges.