Are There Advantages To Digital Flat Irons?

Digital flat irons have become the new and innovative way of straightening hair. There are many types of digital flat irons but most all professional models will have either the ceramic plates or titanium plates. These hair straighteners will generally cost more than your traditional dial control because we always start off by paying for technology, but in this case it is the technology as well as the best type of flat iron plates. And, many digital flat iron models are now coming out with automatic shutoff features. So, the first advantage is that a digital flat iron typically will have the best plates and many times the automatic shutoff feature.

Have you looked at all of the different types of dial settings there are on the multitude of hair straighteners available in the marketplace? They can be identified by actual temperature settings, chronologically increasing numbers, dots, dashes, low, medium, high, etc. While this is certainly better than just an on and off switch, markings wear off the dial and the iron, and do you really know what temperature you are using on your hair? The second advantage is that a digital flat iron has a lighted digital numeric temperature readout and if that isn’t clear enough, one might question whether they need their eyes checked?

Playing devil’s advocate, as long as you have found a comfortable heat setting on your straightener, who cares what the actual temperature is? The actual temperature may have no bearing on the at home stylist as long as whatever it is, is not resulting in drying out, breaking off, or basically frying your hair. That is all well and good, but what if that setting is now unreadable and you find yourself rolling the dial back and forth and wasting valuable time trying to find the right temperature randomly. The third advantage is that once you have found your correct temperature, you know exactly what number digitally to go to each and every time you need to straighten your hair.

When it comes to professional hair stylists applying keratin treatments to their customer’s hair, there are very specific temperatures that must be used. Thus, a digital flat iron is a must for these stylists because the success of the keratin treatment depends on the right temperature being used. I think this is the fourth and final advantage I can share at this point and conclude that there are definitely advantages to using a digital flat iron so be sure to check them out online.