BaByliss Professional Hair Styling Tools: Superb Quality and Affordable

If you are in the market for professional hair dryers or flat irons, one of the top selling companies that offers their products at affordable prices is BaByliss.

The BaByliss company now in partnership with Conair, has several lines of hair styling tools that offer a multitude of options for all of us to select from. The tools include hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, specialty irons and hair setters (hot rollers). The product lines include BaByliss®PRO, BaBylissPRO TT® Tourmaline Series, Ceramic Tools™, GT Gold Titanium™, Nano Titanium™, and Porcelain Ceramic™.

BaByliss product lines have something unique to offer in each of their product categories and are reasonably priced. You can buy BaByliss hair dryers for under $40.00. In particular, the BaByliss Pro Ceramix Hair Dryer that falls in this price range gets reviews such as “Once you use this there is no way you would ever want one of the discount store ones. With the Babyliss there is no frizzy or dried out hair”. Their professional curling irons start at under $35.00 and flat irons (straightening irons) from under $25.00. BaByliss’ hair setters can be bought for under $25.00. Naturally, these are the low end prices and each category of styling tools have ranges that are obviously higher depending on how many bells and whistles you want on your tool. However, given the quality and also that many of their tools come with a 4 year warranty, you are not overpaying for these excellent hair styling tools.

So let me give you a brief rundown on each of the product lines:

The BaByliss®PRO line offers a complete line of appliances and salon essentials that are the most technologically advanced products on the market. Ionic hair dryers and hair setters with ceramic cores keep the at home user and salons running at top speed. Customer Review: A comment recently made on the web regarding this product stated, “Babyliss Pro works on all hair types and straightens even the thickest curly hair quickly. It is an excellent product, all my friends love it as well, it’s big so it does more hair quicker and leaves my hair smooth. It can get quite hot so use caution when using”.

BaBylissPRO TT® fuses pure tourmaline and ceramic technologies to promote smooth, shiny hair and eliminate frizz. Tourmaline produces far-infrared heat that delivers faster styling times and releases natural ions to combat static and frizz. Combined with ceramic technology that ensures maximum heat efficiency, these two innovations unite to deliver unprecedented styling performance in a beautifully styled tool. Customer Review: This PRO TT hair dryer is amazing, it takes me 10 minutes to do my hair now! All I have to do is toss my head upside down, or, if I make two sections, I don’t even have to use my flat iron, and my hair is spirally curly. I don’t use it on its highest setting either because it gets incredibly hot. I’ve also noticed that my hair is healthier and shinier and I never want to be without it”.

Ceramic Tools™ style with uncommon ease and commanding efficiency because it utilizes the advantages of ceramic technology. Barrels and plates heat evenly and quickly, while natural ions reduce static for frizz-free styling. Far-infrared heat allows faster styling time and reduces the stress on hair. Wrap up smooth, sexy curls or slide through the hair from root to tip for pin-straight styles.

These high-tech GT Gold Titanium™ tools offer quick, smart solutions to challenging hair. Combining 24k gold with high-performance titanium technology, this line provides bold, healthy styling possibilities for thick, brittle, coarse, and chemically treated hair. Both gold and titanium deliver superior heat conductivity while sustaining even temperatures. And titanium has the strength of steel but only 60% of the weight, creating the ideal lightweight styling tool. One of the more interesting hair styling tools under this line is the specialty iron that is the GT Root Straight Iron/Comb. This iron straightens the roots from the scalp while adding body and lift. It is great for use on very curly, frizzy hair, and African-American hair. Another newer product in this line is the GT mini crimper. With a 5/8″ plate this crimper is excellent for travel and fits conveniently in your purse.

The Nano Titanium™ line fuses advanced technology, elite design, and powerful performance to create a truly groundbreaking set of products. Utilizing nano technology and harnessing the high-heat conductivity of titanium, the dryers dry hair quicker and the irons straighten faster, with longer-lasting results. The temperature controls are well positioned and have a heat indicator that enables you to view the temperature setting before proceeding with styling your hair and adjust it during its use as needed. Sleek, soft metallic-toned Ryton® housings withstand ultra-high temperatures, and the well-balanced, ergonomic design ensures sustained comfort while styling. A comment made on one of the many other blogs on the internet somewhat tells you just exactly how the nano titanium products work: ”Being a Woman of Color, the flat iron is my best friend and enemy. A frenemie if you will. I love love LOVE the results of a flat iron and could use it every single day. And herein lies the problem; flat irons essential tool/weapon is its heat factor. And we all know we aren’t supposed to use heat on our hair daily no matter who you are or what your hair type is. That is why it is so important to find a flat iron that is so good you don’t need to use it every day. And that’s where the BaByliss Pro Titanium comes in”.

Porcelain Ceramic™ is the innovative breakthrough fusing porcelain ceramic performance with ionic technology that creates a set of tools equipped with unlimited styling advantages. Commercial-grade porcelain ceramic within the heating surfaces of the irons and dryers enhances heat distribution and optimizes far-infrared heat and ion production. This delivers extraordinary benefits to your clients’ hair, leaving it silky, shiny and healthy. Customer Review: My normal curling iron is the Conair Instant Heat, which I LOVE but I have to say using the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic curling iron — my hair does feel a LOT softer and I have less frizz. Yes, I would buy babyliss again, I’m waiting for my order of the 3/4″ & 1 ” curling iron to arrive.