Hair Care For Fine Or Thin Hair

For those of us who have fine, thin hair, don’t give in or give up as there are ways to make our hair look thicker, have body, bounce, and not look flat. It is also important that we address ways to hopefully slow down the process of our hair thinning out further over time.

Hair Care Products

As with any type hair, proper hair care products are a must. To find what works best for you may involve trying out several different products to find the right match. If you have a professional hair stylist, you may want to ask them for suggestions. Some of us tend to shy away from suggestions made by our hair stylist because it means buying product that they are selling right in the shop and it tends to be pricey. Don’t let this deter you from trying it out. Write down the suggestions and then shop around online as you can always find the products for less money and in some cases a lot less than what you would be paying for in the salon.

As for the proper shampoo, look for specialized volumizing shampoos and shampoo frequently. Using a conditioner is where is gets a little tricky. Some conditioners tend to weigh the hair down and also when applied to the scalp you can end up with a greasy look. The key here is to find a lightweight conditioner and apply it sparingly to the ends of your hair only. If you are someone who does shampoo frequently, or even every day, it is best to not condition each time you shampoo. Try conditioning every other time you shampoo to see if this makes a difference. Also, if you find a conditioner that you use on a regular basis, there may also be another type of intense conditioner that you use on a less often basis. Reserve this type of conditioning treatment to once a week or once every other week.

As for mousses, gels, and other serums and sprays, you will need to use caution again that the product is not something that is going to weigh your hair down. Most of these type products are applied right after shampooing and conditioning your hair. These products have been created to help make your hair appear to have more fullness and body.

Hair Styling Tools

Obviously, the best way to keep fine hair from drying out and splitting is to let your hair dry naturally. While this may work for those of us who have very short hair, or extremely long fine hair, the majority of us need to use a blow dryer to get the volume we need.

So, if you must use a hairdryer you need to remember that extreme heat will make your hair brittle and cause it to break if you are not taking extreme care. When drying your hair it is best to use a diffuser attachment which allows you to use heat to volumize. Another tip is to bend over and dry your hair from the underneath initially so that you can create the look of more volume. Most importantly, remember to hold the dryer as far away from your hair as possible to avoid the intense heat.

Using the right type hairdryer is also a very critical element in caring for fine hair. If you understand how ionic technology works in a hairdryer, you will find that if you don’t already own one, buying one may be next on your list. A stream of negatively charged ions is injected into the airflow and onto wet hair. The negative ions break apart water molecules, making them smaller so they are more easily absorbed by the hair or dried through evaporation. As a result, hair cuticles stay moist and thus, less brittle with your hair drying quicker.

Lastly, using the right round brush while drying your hair with the dryer will definitely help to shape and smooth out the hair.

Hairstyles, Cuts, And Color

In creating the right hairstyle for thin hair be cognizant of the fact that fine straight hair shows every scissor mark. So it is important that you are comfortable with the stylist and be sure that they will be giving you a precision cut. DO NOT allow a fine razor cut as this is only used to thin the hair out and you don’t need any more thinning. Baby fine hair can be part of the newest hairstyle trend, the inverted bob. The classic bob haircut’s defining feature is the obvious clean-cut lines at the ends of the hair.There are many variations of the bob: your best choice for fine hair would be keeping the length above chin level. Usually a good short blunt haircut is what stylists lean towards, however, another option would be to have your haircut in layers and angles. This type of style can provide you with an up-to-date hairdo without your hair looking fine.

Wearing your hair long when it is fine and thin usually doesn’t do your hair appearance any justice. Wearing your hair longer tends to add weight at the ends. The heaviness pulls at the roots and ultimately causes you to lose more hair. If you want to keep your hair long, you need to schedule frequent trips to the stylist for trims to avoid your hair looking stringy. This advice actually goes with short fine hair as well. You may also want to consider wearing a short heavy bang as this can provide the illusion of thicker hair around the face.

Have you considered a perm? In today’s marketplace perms add volume and shine, however, your hair needs to be in good condition before you take this step. How about highlighting your hair, or adding color? Choosing the right color can actually make your hair appear thicker. Be careful to not color and perm at the same time as fine hair is too delicate for this over processing of chemicals.

Establish A Routine

Once you have figured out what products work best for your hair type and you find the right style, cut, or color that makes you feel good about yourself and your appearance, be sure you allow yourself enough time to continue to properly care for your hair. Your daily routine may require getting up a little earlier, and scheduling more frequent visits to your stylist may cut into your budget a bit, however, aren’t you worth it?