How To Get Some Sleeky Straight Hair

Every time we look in a magazine, we see a different hairstyle that has become popular with the celebrities. One month it’s curly and the next it is straight. Maybe it’s age, but I have been of the school of thought that straight means casual and curly means dressy or formal. NOT TRUE! It really all boils down to how you feel at any particular given moment in time and how much time do you want to spend or how much time you actually have to spend on your hair.

In my book, it is all about taking the least amount of time to get ready as humanly possible. Since the majority of us don’t have stylists at our beck and call, or someone just waiting in the wings to help us get ready for the day, it’s extremely important to get your timing down and find any way possible to cut back on the time it takes to do our hair.

So, if we are going for a sleeky straight look, blow dry your hair with best hair straightening brush after washing it. If you are accustomed to bending your head over to get the underneath hairs dry, remember that this results in volume and volume is something that you DON’T want with the new straight hairstyle. Instead, use a paddle styling brush and make sure you have a concentrator attached to the end of your hair dryer so you can focus on specific sections of hair and avoid as many flyaway hairs as possible. If you have thick hair, you are obviously going to need to pin up the top sections of your hair while you are drying the under layers.

Now, if you have naturally curly hair, wavy hair, or any type hair other than straight, flat irons or hair straighteners are in order. Contrary to belief, larger plates on a flat iron do not necessarily mean that the hair is going to get straighter quicker. Most of the time it is the temperature of the flat iron that dictates how fast the process will go. Taking small sections of hair and a one inch flat iron will allow the heat to penetrate your hair and straighten it at a much faster pace. If you have really coarse hair you will want to make sure the temperature is set at a minimum of 300 degrees but generally somewhere between 350 and 400 degrees will work better.

Lastly, if you want that straight sleek hair to give off that radiant shine, you are going to need to use some product. Hair care products that produce shine can be anything from a shine serum to a smoothing cream. Whatever you have tried and works best for you is what I recommend, however, if this is all new to you, I recommend Potions International Super Serum and the use of a tourmaline flat iron.