How to use a rotating hairbrush? Info, guide

The rotating brush represents a real revolution in the beauty world. We know how important hair is in the care of everyone’s appearance and especially for women. Who cannot give up a regenerating session at the hairdresser every time an occasion or an event arises in which they particularly care to be beautiful and flawless. Choose the best hairbrush here

The hectic life of every day does not allow us to devote great care or targeted measures to the hair. And many times you find yourself with your hair in disorder, or worse yet, brittle and dull. In this article, we want to deepen the whole theme of rotating brushes, paying the utmost attention to their correct use. The first and essential step to obtain the maximum result.

General features

The fundamental characteristic of the rotating brushes, which distinguishes them from the common straighteners and curls hair, is that of drying the hair like a hairdryer. This is possible thanks to the presence of special holes placed on the surface from which hot air is emitted. In addition to them, the body of the instrument is made up of bristles capable of combing  the hair and detangling any knots. Finally, the rotation movement allows to give the hair the desired fold .All these operations (drying, combing and styling) are carried out simultaneously . This produces a significant time saving . But also of money . Because, with a little practice, the result can be truly amazing and save a  few sessions at the hairdresser.

To acquire a certain dexterity and obtain an optimal result , just be careful to use the brush according to simple but necessary precautions . Let’s see what they are.

The temperature

First of all you have to choose the ideal support for your hair. These instruments usually have two interchangeable cylinders . The one with a smaller diameter (generally below 30 millimeters) is designed for shorter hair. The rotating brushes also give the possibility to adjust the temperature according to needs. This is very important so as not to unnecessarily stress the hair fiber. In the presence of very thick and thick hair, the advice is to use the highest temperature . Conversely, for sparse and thin hair , an intermediate temperature will do perfectly . To give a finishing touch orgo over a few strands instead it is possible to select a specific jet of cold air which has the sole purpose of fixing .In the most modern rotating brushes the heat emission is however regulated by an innovative technology called ion . This allows to minimize the impact of heat on the hair, because it allows the emission of only negatively charged ions , which do not attribute to the hair that dehydration and dryness caused by the positive ions, responsible for the unsightly frizz effect , worry of all women of all ages and hair types.

The materials

Also the use of materials such as ceramic and tourmaline , allow to minimize the thermal shock on the hair fiber. These materials are in fact able to dry the hair from the inside to the outside, allowing a gradual and harmless heating. The bristles are quilted and made of natural fibers,  like those of the best traditional brushes. Thanks to this consistency they allow a quick and comfortable gliding, both in the grip and in the release phase.The supports of the best products are also enriched with substances such as keratin and argan oil which help to nourish and strengthen the hair, giving it shine and elasticity.

How to use

After shampooing, the hair must be carefully dried with a towel. In the presence of very thick hair it is however preferable to make a quick pass with a hairdryer and brush or comb. After which the hair should be divided into locks . More their volume is content , faster and more accurate will be the procedure. Connect the appliance to the mains and select the temperature.

It is necessary to pass the brush from the roots to the tips with delicate but firm movements  . If you want a more volume effect , you should pause a few more seconds at the top. If the hair is long, thick and unruly, a greater number of strokes can be made until the desired effect is achieved.

Useful tips

The rotating brushes are generally indicated especially for those who want a wave effect or want to give movement and volume to a hair that tends to be flat or static. If, on the other hand, you have wavy hair but love to wear it perfectly straight, we advise you to opt for a thermal brush created for this purpose. There are many on the market produced by the same brands as the rotating brushes but specifically designed to comb and smooth the hair at the same time. If you frequently change your look or want to approach different styles, the advice is instead to rely on a so-called multi-function product. That is, a rotating brush that comes with multiple interchangeable supports and provides the possibility to always experiment with new hairstyles according to needs or mood. These products also make use of the so-called concentrator, a spout useful for obtaining faster and more effective drying.

Better products

On the market, there are many valid products able to ensure the best styling result. However, we recommend that you rely on a leading brand in the sector that always offers the best of technologies and materials. As well as a prolonged guarantee an effective after-sales service, in the event of manufacturing defects or malfunctions. A suggestion on the quality that is even more useful if you are oriented in the purchase of a complete product, and therefore able to produce more types of styling, but at the same time compact and ideal to carry even while traveling or during daily commuting. In this regard, we point out the fantastic models proposed by Imetec, Remington, BraunRowenta, and Babyliss. All are on sale at a price generally between 50 and 100 euros. For a simple and cheaper product but with good quality, the advice is instead to rely on One Step, Navaris and Abody. For these models, the cost is generally just under 30 euros.