Ionic Hair Dryers Really Do Help Protect Your Hair

If you are in the market for a new hair dryer and are ready to spend a little more to not only keep your hair healthy, but are in need of a hair dryer that will dry your hair quickly, you should definitely consider looking at the Turbo Ion Croc Dryers.

Turbo Ion, the manufacturer of the extremely popular Croc flat iron, has created two dryers that are top of the line. Each have their own unique features and are not only great for the professional stylist but for at home use as well.

When talking with people about their hair dryers, many are always complaining that their dryer just doesn’t do the job. Comments such as “my dryer takes forever to dry my hair,” or “my dryer completely dries my hair out,” are statements I hear over and over again. Let’s face it, most of us are always in a hurry, and we do care about how our hair looks. Shiny, healthy looking hair is what everyone wants and it starts with using a quality hair dryer.

So, why an ionic hairdryer? Ionic hair dryers emit millions of charged ions in the airflow that comes out of your dryer and land on your individual hair strands. The ions break down the water droplets while enabling each hair strand to more easily absorb any remaining moisture. This results in your hair looking like it has more body and volume while at the same time keeping the hair well hydrated. You will not find this in your conventional non-ionic dryers.

The ionic process is actually reducing the amount of time it takes to dry your hair and thus reducing any damage from the heat from the hairdryer. Ultimately, you will see a remarkable reduction in split ends, no frizz, and a healthy looking head of hair.

Check out the two CROC hair dryers below and see if one of these will satisfy your requirements.

The CROC Designer Dryer

  1. 100% ceramic balls and an ionic generator strategically built into the dryer results in maximum ionic benefits. The ceramic balls filter the air containing carbon-dioxide to a combination of pure oxygen and negative ions that help to purify and repair the hair.
  2. This dryer has been built with a double housing structure, which makes it the most durable well constructed dryer in the marketplace. As a result of the dual housing, the heat is also not transferred to the handle and outer body shell of the dryer. This enables the dryer to provide ultra hot temperatures for lightening quick finishes, while the body of the dryer remains cool to the touch.
  3. A specially designed channeled end cap and blade help to reduce noise and produce better air flow.
  4. Easy to handle lightweight, ergonomic design.
  5. 1875 Watts and available in Red or Black
  6. Made in Korea

The CROC TID 2500 Dryer

  1. This ultra powerful dryer reaches wattage up to 2500 watts.
  2. Super quiet dryer at 65 decibels.
  3. This dryer too has been built using an ergonomic design that prevents stress on the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.
  4. The compact size of this dryer also makes it easy to handle along with the anti-sliding heat dispersing stripes for improved handling.
  5. The switches on this dryer are copper-beryllium for intense use and prevention of accidental switching.
  6. The nozzle on the dryer is fast cooling and the cool shot button is soft and easily accessible.
  7. Made in Italy