Le Angelique Flat Irons Go Aeordynamic

I guess it was just a matter of time before aerodynamics entered the hair styling tools arena. It’s the 21st century so why not?

So just exactly how does aerodynamics fit in with a straightening iron? To answer that, let’s think about what aerodynamics really means. Aerodynamics involves both the motion of the object and the reaction of the air. The best way to explain this is to picture a modern day airplane without its wings. If you can visualize this then you now know what shape the new Le Angelique Caretin Flat Iron looks like. So what does the appearance of the flat iron have to do with anything?

The round body of the Caretin flat iron helps to achieve beautiful curls. A straightener that creates beautiful curls? Obviously this is one straightener that fits into the multi-functional category. The Caretin’s unique form is a one of a kind rarity, allowing for multi-dimensional styles. This aerodynamically modeled straightener allows for obtaining angles of use that one can only obtain using this iron as well as the fact that you can get closer to your scalp with the curved ends. This is not your traditional flat iron. The smooth rounded body also helps glide through your hair evenly, without pulling or tearing your hair.

Did I mention this flat iron has titanium plates? The modern Mirror Titanium Plates generate Nano negative ions, which work to seal in the hairs natural moisture leaving hair silky and frizz free. This hair straightener also comes with a regulated heat dial to help you achieve your own personal temperature, ranging from 170-420°F in only seconds. The 360° swivel cord moves with you and keeps the cord from tangling. All that’s left now is for you to check this one out the next time you are shopping for a flat iron. You can’t find a better deal on a unique hair styling tool that offers you more than one option in styling your hair. This straightener is what sets Le Angelique flat irons miles apart from many of the other professional manufacturers.