Protecting Your Hair When Using Hair Styling Tools


How many times do we keep hearing that we need to protect our hair from the heat that our hairdryers, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc. inflict on our hair? This obviously is a concern because there are a great majority of us who do use a hair styling tool at some point in our daily regiment of working with our hair.

Your styling skills can greatly contribute to a “good hair day”, but can also protect your hair from damage during styling. Although hot styling tools, hair care products and other aids can help you achieve the desired look, over-use and other habits can lead to breakage, dryness, fading and undesirable accumulation that even with the best update can be difficult to hide.

In particular, I was looking for something that I could spray on my hair after my hair was dry. Throughout the week, I find myself restyling my hair with a hair straightener or a curling iron. Since I’m talking about styling my hair at any given time, it is usually when I am getting ready to go out at night and it doesn’t involve washing my hair. So, it was a requirement that whatever product I was looking for, needed to be applied on dry hair. Another requirement was that it wasn’t too costly so that I wouldn’t feel bad about spending the amount of money on yet more hair care products.

My search did not take me long. I had always seen CHI haircare products in salons and beauty supply stores and wondered how they would work. When I saw the CHI 44 Iron Guard on the shelf, and also saw that it was something that I could afford, I decided to try it. Needless to say, I love it and decided that I needed to write about it. I will pass along however, at first I was skeptical because my hair felt sticky and stiff after using it. I talked to my hair stylist and she said that I’m probably using too much because she had never had that problem. When I cut down on how much I was spraying on, I then saw the difference. The time it takes to straighten or curl my hair was cut down by about a third of the time it usually takes. Also, my hair looked shiny and silkier after using the product.

For all of you who already use this product, please let me know what you think about it. You can never get enough information about what others think about a certain product and this is the perfect time to comment.