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As you already know, there are so many hair care products in the marketplace that are advertised to help with repairing damaged hair, curbing frizz, moisturizing dry hair, adding shine, and the list goes on an on. If you areRead more

Digital flat irons have become the new and innovative way of straightening hair. There are many types of digital flat irons but most all professional models will have either the ceramic plates or titanium plates. These hair straighteners will generallyRead more

I guess it was just a matter of time before aerodynamics entered the hair styling tools arena. It’s the 21st century so why not? So just exactly how does aerodynamics fit in with a straightening iron? To answer that, let’sRead more

  Whenever I hear friends or colleagues talk about buying a hairdryer, I sometimes cringe when I hear them say they just bought one at the local discount store. When it comes to hairdryers, and you are going for ”cheap”,Read more